Customer Service Secrets For 2011

Because there are so many different ways to monitor effective customer service these days, re-addressing customer policies and procedures is a must for businesses in 2011. If your service isn’t customer driven, then it should be. Clients are just not going to tolerate less than adequate help from business. More than ever the power is in their hands and smart businesses will realize that and act accordingly.

Take care with not only the kind of service that your customer receives, but also the power that your customers have in spreading the word about your company, either good or bad. Many corporations have found that outsourcing customer service overseas has turned into not only a loss of customers, but also a loss of profit and revenue. The problem is further complicated and more costly because they now have to chase after those customers to get them back. Smaller businesses, whether based in Ogden, UT or any other place  need to take a lesson, realizing the importance of good customer service, and do what ever is necessary to make sure that they don’t create similar problems.

Social media has given businesses the opportunity to interact with their customers and evaluate their business in ways that haven’t been possible in the past. Watching feedback on the sites such as Twitter and Facebook are a way to nip problems in the bud. However, social media marketing should not be the only avenue that you use to monitor satisfaction or offer value. Old marketing methods like surveys and suggestion boxes are still valuable and need to be used as well.

Another important thing to look at are forums where customers may discuss your business and its service, both good and bad. Stay on top of industry forums as well as topic forums around your niche. Use the comments sections of your blog to monitor the satisfaction of your customers.

Add you own customer forum on your blog. This can naturally lead from testimonials, giving customers the chance to compliment your business in ways that you deserve, and a way to monitor dissatisfaction and change your business according to the needs of your customers.

All small businesses need to know that customer service is more important than ever for their success. Finding ways to effectively use customer service and to improve it to the best of your ability is a good way  to improve your situation and your bottom line in 2011.

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