Custom Signs from TheSignChef: More Thorough and More Meticulous

Does your doctor glance at you, diagnose you, and then send you on your way? (If yes, you should get a new doctor.) No, he’s more thorough than that. Why? Because there are things he just can’t catch with a glance or a cursory check-up.

We may not have gone to med school, but we have 25 years in the sign industry. Those years taught us that being thorough when we create customs signs is the best way to stop problems before they start.

We don’t just glance and walk away

We start by thoroughly training our sign specialists so they’re ready to create your custom signage flawlessly. We double and triple check your custom sign before it goes into production. Then we have you double check your sign before it goes into production. Then…

…Okay, we’re more than just thorough – we’re meticulous

I’ll walk you through it.

We’ve created a comprehensive proofing system that ensures that spelling, phrasing, graphics, layout, color shades and more are exacting to your specifications:

ü  We developed an in-house program that lets you track your sign as it goes through the phases of production so you can contact us at the right time if necessary

ü  We double check that your sign is the way you want it right before we begin production

ü  We give you a checklist so that you can ensure that your sign is the way you want it right before we go into production

ü  We triple check your sign before we ship it to make sure that it turned out exactly as you specified

Basically, we double and triple check your sign to make sure it’s flawless every step of the way. If something looks off we’ll let you know. We’ve caught spelling errors, bad phrasing and more during this process.

Most sign companies take your design and send it right to production. If there was a glaring spelling error, you probably wouldn’t know until you looked at it yourself.

So when you order your custom sign from us, you know that we won’t let anything slip by. If a color looks the tiniest bit off, something will be done. So sit back, relax, and let us pay attention the little things. 

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