Custom Signs from TheSignChef: More Experience and More Expertise

You wouldn’t ask a surgeon with little or no experience to give you a heart transplant…right? That’s because when someone has experience, it shows that they’ve been successful.  But even a surgeon with 50 years of experience isn’t an expert if he hasn’t read up on operations, practiced new methods and created innovative procedures.

Where am I going with this?

Well, here at TheSignChef, we certainly have experience. With 25 years in the industry, we’ve created tens of thousands of custom signs. But we are also experts.

What makes us experts?

We’ve done a lot to gain the high level of expertise that we have when it comes to making custom signs. A few come to mind:

  • We constantly keep our fingers on the pulse of the sign industry by reading trade magazines, writing informative articles and researching new equipment
  • We’re continuously not only current, but on the cutting edge of sign making methods
  • We have systematically identified the best way to run a sign company both online and in the office
  • We’ve developed several customer service tools in-house that enable clients to design their custom signs like never before – other sign companies have even bought our programs from us!
  • We attend conferences and classes about the sign industry and the world of online business so that we can continue in our success
  • …And more!



Throughout our 25 years in the industry, we’ve seen it all. We have addressed virtually every question you could ask and we’ve unraveled practically every problem you could come across. And not only do we know all the products inside and out, but we’ve seen sign materials evolve over time, so we really know what makes a quality material.


Just ask our Head Sign Chef anything about the industry and he’ll go on for hours (really) about the ins and outs of it.


So what’s the most important thing we’ve learned in 25 years?


The most important thing that all our experience has taught us is to always put the customer first. You’ve helped us become the experts we are today, and we thank you!


As always, if you have any questions – even ones you think we haven’t heard (good luck) – you can contact us through online chat, email or by phone from 9am to 9pm seven days a week. We can’t wait to share our expertise with you!


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