Creating an Effective Store Banner

A great way to promote your shop is with a store banner. Store banners are ideal for grand openings. You can even reuse banners for things like annual sales, new products and special deals! But if you want to get your message across successfully, you need to have an effective store banner. So how do make your banner effective? Here are the FOUR things you can do to ensure an effective store banner!

There are FOUR key ingredients you need in order to maximize the effectiveness of your store banner

  • Good design
  • Contrasting colors
  • Proper letter size
  • An attractive display

Good design simply means that your store banner should look appealing. A lot goes into sign and banner design, but there are a few easy things you can do.

Don’t overcrowd your store banner with too much text. A cluttered banner overwhelms the eye and will cause people to look away. Keep it clean and simple.

Include a graphic of some sort. People can recall a sign 300% better if it contains a photograph or other image. And we don’t charge extra for putting a graphic on your store banner!

Place your message or graphic in the optical center of your store banner. The optical center of a banner or sign is four percent higher than the exact center. It may not sound like much, but when a graphic is in the exact center of a sign, it looks awkward. Use the optical center to make your banner look professional.

Contrasting colors make your store banner more visually stimulating and easier to read. Consider how much easier it is to read black on white than black on gray. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to glance at your store banner and be able to quickly and easily read it.

Proper letter size on your store banner is important. If your letters are too small, people won’t be able to read it from far away. If they’re bigger than they need to be, you’re just taking up unnecessary space. Luckily, we have a FREE letter sizing calculator that you can use to determine the appropriate size for your letters. You just need a few simple pieces of info, such as the distance from which you’d like your store banner to be readable.

An attractive display is absolutely essential for your store banner. It’s advisable to skip the typical rope and grommet tie-up for a more upscale banner display. We offer a comprehensive selection of banner displays that will give your store banner a high-end, professional look. Our recommendation is that you use one of our retractable banner stands. These look very upscale and are both portable and easy for one person to set up.

But we won’t leave it all up to you

If you want to design your store banner yourself, give it a shot! You can use either SignMagic or DesignExpress, two of our FREE online design tools.

But if you want a professional to design your store banner, we can help you there too. You get a FREE one-on-one online design consultation with one of our in-house graphic designers. You can even give live feedback as they design your banner from scratch!

So there you have it; four key ingredients you can use to cook up an effective store banner!

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