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giving away FREE Websites worth,


*conditions apply

…..because we want to help businesses just like yours!


* Just cover the normal hosting, back up, ultra secure install and management for 12 months and the site is yours free of charge!


So, why would Gold Coast Internet Marketing want to help you and give you a free website?


We know that you and your clients will be very impressed with your new or a fresh new look for your website. With its modern design, practical functionality your new website will wow your clients, your competitors and give your business a new lease on life.

We hope this will be the start of a healthy and trust based relationship with you. By building trust then you may tell your friends, so we are simply using the old adage you give to receive, you might say. You may think that we are crazy however we sincerely want to show business owners that Gold Coast Internet Marketing are leaders and not followers.

You see in the game of Internet Marketing it’s all about being first and doing things differently and being original to stand out from the noise. If you have been confused about internet marketing then you don’t have to be anymore.

Here at Gold Coast Internet Marketing our talented geeks thrive on tough challenges and so you don’t have to worry about all the technical stuff because we do all of that for you. That way you can focus on what you’re good at, with the security of knowing that your online presence is in safe hands.

If you want to make more money, then Gold Coast Internet Marketing can help to grow your business for you with proven, time tested and innovative strategies to increase your bottom line.

As you can imagine we are not going to just give FREE WEBSITES to every Tom, Dick and Harry because, these are quality sites that have been professionally formatted, designed and programmed especially for the local business market. Each site will be unique for your business.

The Gold Coast Internet Marketing FREE WEBSITES are strictly only for people who are looking for a web platform that gives them a real edge over their competition. Therefore we only want to do business with the most motivated and focused business owners.

Are You Looking To Grow Your Business?


Gold Coast Internet Marketing Looking for a cost effective and sure-fire ways to increase your sales in this hard financial climate?

Gold Coast Internet Marketing Are you finding it tough to keep your head above water in your business?

Gold Coast Internet Marketing Do you want to join the hundreds of business owners utilising proven, cost effective methods to generate more leads every day?

Gold Coast Internet Marketing Did you know there are at least 10 different avenues available to you right now that will increase your turnover significantly?

Gold Coast Internet Marketing My business partner thought I was crazy when I told him I wanted to put this offer out there to help local businesses.

The Future of Business is Branding and Image

Gold Coast Internet Marketing had a business meeting late last month about the global economy and I suggested that we give all local businesses who need an upgrade or need a site, a completely free websites. “All the customer is required to do is cover the hosting and management fee for 12 months. “

Rick, my partner thought that I was crazy but as I explained more about my idea, he became more intrigued. “You want to give away websites for free?”

At Gold Coast Internet Marketing we believe in the value of a customer for life so really there is little to no risk at all for you or me. We know you will be so happy with our service, that you will stay with us long term. It truly is a win/win for all, which is how we do business here at Gold Coast Internet Marketing.

You see, Gold Coast Internet Marketing are so confident that we can bring you more cash, that we are prepared to risk it all.

As you can imagine it would be a very savvy business decision to take advantage of this great offer! In fact this could well be one of the smartest business decisions you will make.

At Gold Coast Internet Marketing we are THE local business marketing specialists focused on creating new clients and sales for you. There are literally hundreds of online strategies, as well as already proven and effective offline campaigns that will get your phone ringing, making your sales and inquiries go through the roof!

It would be nice to have the problem of MORE INQUIRIES THAN YOU CAN HANDLE? I mean, not being able to keep up with the inquiries, wouldn’t it? This is A COMMON “COMPLAINT” amongst our clients – TOO MUCH BUSINESS!!!

In fact most of our clients have not even felt hardly any hardship with the ‘Global Financial Crisis’. Neither have we at Gold Coast Internet Marketing, which is why I wanted to give back to the local community by offering this deal! Our clients get to use our proven “old and new school” tactics everyday to get that real edge over their competition.

Gold Coast Internet Marketing can implement for you simple, low cost and effective strategies to get people to contact your business. In these tough times YOUR businesses MUST be prepared to take advantage of any leverage available to put some distance between you and your competitors.

This is your leverage staring at you on this page right now. Take it now!

Gold Coast Internet Marketing Is Offering You


A Free Professional Business Website

(Upgrade your old fashion website look with a fresh, professional and practical design made by our incredible in-house design geeks)

Total Value ($1997)

This offer is available to Gold Coast Internet Marketing customers who cover the hosting, backup, ultra secure install and management for 12 months @ $49.95 + gst a month, total cost…..

So act now and call us at Gold Coast Internet Marketing to claim your free Professional Business Website.

Call Gold Coast Internet Marketing

now on 07 55 30 28 85 or 0416 051 588

to claim your free business website.

Gold Coast Internet Marketing

* Conditions: A free website worth $2,000 is available to all customers who sign up for 12 months hosting, management and backup.
Hosting is a necessary part of your websites requirements. IE anyone who has a website online needs hosting.
Just think of it as the block of land you need to build your house. Enjoy your free website.

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Gold Coast Web Design - Creating Websites that Deliver!Gold Coast Web Design



Gold Coast Web Design – We Create Sites That Really Matter

Gold Coast Web Design knows that getting your website up and running can be very confusing and time consuming. Whether you need a new website developed or assistance in upgrading your current website, you need to call Gold Coast Internet Marketing Web Design because we create professional, dynamic web designs that are guaranteed to rock your world!

Gold Coast Web Design creates sites that really matter. Sites that are purpose built and focus driven to succeed. As you know a website is the online showcase of your products and services to the Whole Wide World so professional assistance and advice is needed to create the perfect design to project your professional image. But at Gold Coast Internet Marketing we believe in taking things to the next level.

Gold Coast Web Design can create a site for you using all manner of design platforms and Content Management Systems including but not limited to HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, WordPress, Adobe Flash, Custom Template, Plesk, Sitecube, Joomla and Drupal. So you see the web design potential is unlimited. You owe it to yourself and your business to try Gold Coast Web Design and let Gold Coast We Design breathe new life into your internet presence.

Gold Coast Web Design will also analyse your market, your mission, your target audience and your competition to create a site for you that is guaranteed to bring leads, prospects and targeted traffic rushing to your business…and who doesn’t want that?

Gold Coast Web Design is in tune with all the latest web design and programming standards guaranteeing your website will be just as you require it. We also have access to the latest web design themes to enhance the look and feel or your business calling card. Please remember your website is open for business 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day so it is busy selling your goods and services while you sleep. Let Gold Coast Web Design unlock your business potential by creating a website with a call to action and up to date methodology and programming that can assist your business with local search, mobile search and social media connectivity. We can also add dynamic graphics, purpose built videos, online e-commerce store features, membership sites, forums and affiliate sites to suit your needs.

At Gold Coast Web Design we can even assist your business with specialised copywriting for article and ezine submission creating regular premium content to keep the search engines happy. Our web designers will guide you through the complete process and liaise with you to get all the fine points sorted to your satisfaction. We will also keep you updated with timeframes and project management. Gold Coast Web Designs will also involve you in the design process because we need your valuable input and knowledge of your business to help make your website the best that it can be.

So if you are ready and willing to take your business and your online presence to the next level then you owe it to yourself and your business to arrange a free consultation with Gold Coast Web Design. At Gold Coast Web Design we’re turning your dreams into dollars.


I need a new website!

Gold Coast Web Design - We Build Great Websites

© 2011 Gold Coast Web Design

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Gold Coast SEO Services - Busy as an ant in a Bread Tin


Search Engine Optimisation – Gold Coast SEO

Gold Coast SEO – Raising The Bar

Gold Coast SEO is raising the bar for search engine optimisation. Please read on and see how your business can benefit from talking to the SEO specialists at Gold Coast SEO.

I’m sure you’ve all heard a lot of talk about websites and web design. In fact anyone who has ever logged onto the internet at one time or another would know what a website looks like.

But how did you find that website?

For the exercise let’s assume that you know very little or nothing about the internet apart from what you have heard and let’s face it every family has their own “resident expert” don’t they? Would you believe there are literally trillions of websites linked to the World Wide Web, so how do you find exactly what you want? Two simple words: Search Engines!

Every computer these days uses a Browser. Browsers are many and varied but the most commonly used ones are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome. A browser is your connection to the internet and is there to help you so they are designed to be very user friendly.

So when you open your browser on your computer you’ll find that most browsers have a Search Engine attached to them to help you navigate to the pages you are looking for. The internet has a plethora of search engines but for this example let’s use the three most commonly known and used search engines Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Google Yahoo and Bing are the most commonly used Search Engines


So you go to the search bar on your Google, Yahoo or Bing search engine and let’s assume in this instance that you are looking to research a new car so you could type the words new car into the search engine and it will display a series of results. To fine tune your search you might include the brand or model of car you are looking for so you type new Toyota or new Toyota Corolla into the search engine. You can go further by including the area in which you live or work to fine tune the search results even further so you type new Toyota Corolla Gold Coast or similar into the search engine. Each time you enter something new into the search engine a new series or string of results will appear on your screen that relate to your specific search very much like using a phone book.

At Gold Coast SEO much in the same way we try to simplify the process of search engine optimisation. If you have a business and you are looking to sell goods and services these days you will need a website to maximise your profit potential. With everyone’s lifestyle getting busier than ever before most people these days simply don’t have the time to march the streets looking for a particular product or service so they use the internet much like we used the White Pages and Yellow Pages in the pre-internet days.

Your website more than anything else needs to be seen. Your website needs to drive targeted web traffic to its shop front door and convert those unique visitors into buyers. To do that your website needs to be on the front page of the search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing to reap the rewards that the internet has to offer. Trouble is every company that has a business website wants to be on the first page of the search engines as well because status quo tells them that the higher up the pecking order you are on the search engine the more chance you have of selling your products and services. This then creates enormous competition for every keyword or keyword string and that is where we come in. At Gold Coast SEO Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation is what we do. SEO is our specialty.


Gold Coast SEO will design a targeted SEO strategy for your business and your budget designed to increase your traffic and your sales. Gold Coast SEO has access to state of the art tools to do keyword market research that analyses your competition and how each site has been rewarded with the top 10 spots on page 1. Gold Coast SEO can also optimise your website for local search, mobile search and social media along with up to date SEM (Search Engine Marketing) techniques. Gold Coast SEO will help you avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls associated with search engine optimisation by unleashing performance enhancing website marketing strategies that will put your business on steroids!

Gold Coast SEO already has our existing clients on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing and we can put you up there too. Because at Gold Coast SEO we know how to create web pages that are search engine friendly, keyword content based, ethically planned and fully optimised. At Gold Coast SEO our specialised geeks will weave their SEO magic for you and with the swish and flick of their magic wands your website will be transformed into a Perfectly Search Engine Optimised Targeted Traffic Selling Machine for your specific keywords. Don’t believe us? For a limited time only we are offering you a 30 minute free SEO consultation but spots are filling fast. Gold Coast SEO raises the bar for SEO specialist services so don’t let this limited opportunity slip by. Click on the bar below and book you free 30 minute SEO Consultation Now. You’ll be glad you did!


Book Your Free 30 Minute SEO Checkup

Gold Coast SEO, Web Design and Internet Marketing

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Internet Marketing Business | Gold coast Internet marketing business //

Gold coast Internet marketing business

Gold coast Internet marketing business

Gold Coast Internet Marketing Business:

Discover How To Make Your Website Pull In 400% More Internet Marketing Business

Than Your Competitors — At No Extra Charge!

Do you know you can multiply the amount of new business your website pulls in by making one (rather small) change to your website?

If you already have a website, did you know there are at many simple changes you can make that will instantly bring in more new customers?

If you’re thinking of creating a new business website or re-designing your existing website did you know that there are actually 2 types of websites? Most people build the first type, but the second type is much more profitable.

These are just some of the hundreds of tips, tricks and strategies Gold Coast Internet Marketing Business would like to share with you during your FREE Internet marketing consultation!

Hi, my name is Brett Hitchcock, Founder and CEO of Gold Coast Internet Marketing Business And Coaching.

I’m your Internet Marketing Business Consultant for the Gold Coast area. After reading this website I think you might want to call me. My direct line is 0416051588.

I know that many small businesses either don’t have a website, or get stuck with an expensive website that doesn’t make any money.

Well at Gold Coast Internet Marketing Business we specialize in creating small business websites that bring in fresh leads, new customers, and make money!

In less than 30 minutes, I can ask you a few key questions, examine your current website (or help you design one), and provide a very revealing analysis of how you can very quickly improve your response rate.

For example:

When you call today I will reveal…

  • The single most important element (almost nobody uses) of a money-making website.
  • How to get the name and email address of nearly everyone that visits your website — then market your products and services to them for free!
  • The amazing 3-letter word that makes your customers want to read every word of your website. (Then buy everything you offer them.)
  • How to get your website listed on the front page of Google, for FREE!
  • The incredible 2-word phrase that forces website shoppers to call now and order your products and services.

And much, much more!

Then, after our call you do have options…

You Can Freely Use Gold Coast Internet Marketing Business’s Advice To Improve Your Website

Or, if it’s appropriate, and entirely up to you…

Save Yourself Time AND Get Guaranteed Results Like The Rankings Below By Hiring Gold Coast Internet Marketing Business!

Gold Coast Internet Marketing And Coaching
Gold Coast Internet Marketing Ranked No 1 on Pg 1 Out Of 49o,ooo Pages
Gold Coast Internet Coaching Ranked Pg 1 No 1 & 2
Gold Coast Internet Marketing Coaching Ranked No 1 & 3 Pg 1

Another one of Gold Coast Internet Marketing Business’s client sites – ranks on page 1, number 3 and 1 out of over 10 and 3 million pages!!!!

Organic Thanksgiving Recipes Ranked Pg 1 No 1 Out Of 10 Million Pages
Organic Thanksgiving Recipes Ranked No 1 on Pg 1 Out Of 3 Million Pages
Organic Thanksgiving Turkey Ranked Pg 1 No1 Out Of 10 million pages
Organic Thanksgiving Recipes Ranked No 3 on Pg 1 Out Of 10 Million Pages

Gold Coast Internet Marketing Business can get you the results you want.

Here is another one of Gold Coast Internet Marketing Business’s happy local business clients sites –

Mudgeeraba Stock Feed Rank No 1
Mudgeeraba Stock Feed Ranked No 1 on Pg 1

The proof is right there for you. All of Gold Coast Internet Marketing Business’s sites rank very high, and as you can see they are designed to attract multiple streams of targeted and pre-qualified traffic.

In other words lots of people daily are looking for your business online. Are you getting your share?

If you have the right tools added to your website, have it professionally maintained regularly and it appears on the first page of the search engines, you will simply get more inquiries and more customers.

Forget paying for Google adwords etc and get into the “organic” searches where the real targeted buyers are seriously looking for your business.

How would you like to see your business website ranking on page 1 of Google pulling in free traffic = free leads and business?

For example, Gold Coast Internet Marketing Business can provide:

  • Your own custom made website (or Gold Coast Internet Marketing Business can re-design your current site) that…
    • Gets you listed on Google, Yahoo & MSN and bring in plenty of targeted traffic = inquiries = customers = $$$$ money.
    • Gets you more calls, more customers, and more profit.
    • Gets you a lower cost per lead than any other advertising you are currently doing.
  • A domain name for your business. (For example, Your — You’ll also have company email, like
  • Secure “hacker-proof” website hosting to keep your files (and customer data) safe from prying eyes.
  • Web-based software that captures the name and email address of your customers, then automatically sends them information about your company while you sleep.
  • Tracking software that shows you exactly which pages of your website your customers visit… how long they stay… which products they’re interested in… and where they go afterward!
  • And too much to list!

But even if you don’t decide to work with me today, after our brief discussion you’ll undoubtedly get more value from your website than ever before.

Call Gold Coast Internet Marketing Business Now On 0416051588

Schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation today — with no obligation whatsoever — simply call Gold Coast Internet Marketing Business now on 0416051588 and discover how to make your website an active profit center for your business.


Brett Hitchcock

CEO And Founder

Gold Coast Internet Marketing Business

Suite 258/51

167 Robina Town Centre Drive

Robina Town Centre

Robina 4213


Copyright 2010- Gold Coast Internet Marketing


Hot Local Business Domains Names

We specialise in finding the hottest domain names for local businesses.

You can now have a premium .com or domain name for your business that sets you apart from your competition.

Here is a list of some of the domains that are available right now.

Gold Coast Domains

Brisbane Domains

Sunshine Coast Domains

Sydney Domains

Great Solar Power Australia Wide Domains

You have the option of buying or leasing the domain. We can customise a fully automated sales lead generation system for your business that will run 24/7. If you do not see a domain for you, contact us today to secure your own targeted domain name.

Call Gold Coast Internet Marketing Business now on 0755302885 0416051588

Gold Coast Online Advertising //

Getting your Online Advertising Business To Convert:

Stay One Jump Ahead of Your Competition

The success or failure of your Internet Marketing Business depends largely on your internet viewing audience. If they’re interested in the products and services you’re offering for sale you can expect to earn hundreds to thousands of dollars regularly in revenue generated from your online business. On the other hand if your viewing audience are just too lazy or not stimulated enough to act then it doesn’t matter what you are offering your chances of earning enough passive income to retire on just flew out the window.

To be a successful internet marketer you need to grab your audience by the scruff of the neck, you need to stimulate them, motivate them, tweak their emotions, whet their appetite and…like the term made famous by The Godfather…”Make them an offer they can’t refuse!”

Because it doesn’t matter how many unique visitor you attract to your website if your Call to Action is not powerful enough to convert your audience  into buyers you might as well put your old site out to pasture! Gold Coast Internet Marketing implements powerful marketing and advertising techniques that will breathe new life into your webpages. It will show you how to create a loyal customer base, create lists of customers you can market to again and again and show you how to market successfully to your target audience so that your till keeps ticking over.

Anyone will buy from you if you know how to create value, build suspense, make your product appear indispensable and give your customers enough reasons to say YES.

There are many various online advertising methods that have been used successfully over the Internet for years and some work for some people and not for others. In other words, finding a method that works for you requires careful market research, product and or service testing and fine tuning to ascertain which specific method to implement for you. Because the essence of Online Business Marketing and Advertising is industry specific every business that wants to be successful onlinr requires a qualified specialist to navigate them through the complex processes that ultimately create the desired results.

There are huge numbers of individuals and companies operating online who want to advertise what they have to offer, and there are also huge numbers of individuals and companies on the Internet who are willing to provide some advertising spaces. However, considering that the online advertising market is quite large, it will be inefficient for the advertisers as well as the providers of these online advertising spaces to individually meet and talk about the terms of conditions of advertising.

The individual or company who wishes to advertise will certainly contact an online-based advertising company that are willing to provide the space that the advertiser needs as well as distribute their advertisements to different venues on the Internet at the same time.

So before you go, there are several things you need to consider first.

Start to gather a collection of websites or online companies that are willing to place advertisements on their sites. Select sites that are getting high web traffic every month. Once you have gathered advertising site venues, you may now start soliciting advertising clients. These advertisers will pay a certain amount of money that is commensurate with the exposure of their products or services on your advertising site venues. For instance, if you have contracted with 20 websites that are receiving an average of 200,000 web visitors every month, you can sell as much as 2,000,000 advertising exposures every month on each advertiser. In case that you have negotiated around 20 advertising venues on each website, you can sell an equivalent of 20 advertising clients with 2,000,000 advertising exposures every month. If an advertiser only pays for 1,000,000 advertising exposures, you can still sell the remaining 1,000,000 advertising exposures for a total of 11 advertising clients.

Now, what are the types of online advertising that you can offer? Here are some of the offerings that you can sell to individuals or companies who wish to advertise their products or services on the Internet.

     Banner ads– these ads are typically pictorial ads that are commonly viewed on high-traffic sites and includes a hyperlink back to the advertisers own site. These are priced according to the number of ads shown. For instance, banner ads can be sold in lots of 250,000 impressions each.
     Sponsorship ads– these ads are commonly larger than banner ads, which sometimes contain considerable amount of text. These are typically placed on high-traffic areas such as ezines or online newsletters.  It is priced according to the number of readers of the newsletter or publication in which the ad is placed.
     Pay Per Click (PPC) ads– these ads are priced according to the number of clicks generated through site visitors, These are commonly text ads, though there are PPC ads that are pictorial-based.

Starting your own online advertising business is another opportunity of earning more money from the Internet marketing industry. Call us now for your free gift on 0416051588.

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