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LLRE Real Estate Millionaire Group Singapore Property News Blog – Get the Latest News on latest new launch and latest happening in the Singapore Property Market. The News and information in this blog is for buyers and investors to make a well-informed decision, instead of relying on Property agents for advice. Using the resources, news, analysis provided by our Group, now you can be a well-informed Singapore property investors, and most importantly, don’t have to depend on property agents to give you information.

How to Invest in Singapore Property

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If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you, be honest and frank anyway,
If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives, be kind anyway,
If you spend years building,someone could destroy overnight, build anyway,
The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow, do good anyway. give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough,give the world the best you’ve got anyway. you see,in the final analysis ,it is between you and and your GOD, it was never between you and them anyway:) written by Mother Teresa.

To be a Successful Singapore Property investor,

To be part of LLRE Real Estate Millionaire Group, members must follow this basic principle strongly:

In life, there are 3 things not to fight for:

“Not fighting / competing with Gentleman for fame/title”
“Not fighting / competing with ‘small people’ for benefits/gains”
“Not fighting /competing with Heaven & Earth for Coincidence”

This is a private Singapore Property Investors / Owners Group blog

This is a private Singapore Property Investors /Owners Group blog for the benefits of LLRE Real Estate Millionaire Group members (currently more than 2,500 members consisting of developers (Public listed companies and private companies), property investors /owners, and business owners) and people who are interested to be part of our Group. By definition, a blog provides commentary or news on a particular subject e.g. Singapore Real Estate. The content of this blog is written by property investors/owners to express our view of Singapore Real Estate. We welcome all property owners who want to express their view on Singapore Property for the benefits of all, either anonymously in the name of our Group or in your name. This Singapore Property blog is not for Singapore Property Agents.

Every content in this Singapore Property blog is purely our opinion of the Singapore Real Estate. If our opinion on Singapore Property offended any developer or any person, we apologise for any offensive opinion as we are not 100% perfect. We want to be neutral in our recommendation and our analysis of Singapore Property to our members and we will not be biased towards certain properties or developers, regardless of whether the particular developer is in our network. We want to maintain the amicable relationship between all Singapore Property developers and business owners in our network. We welcome any updates and feedback if any members or anyone who has constructive contribution to our Singapore Property blog.


Our Group are currently working exclusively with different agents from different Singapore Real Estate Companies such as Huttons, Propnex, Knight Frank, DTZ, HSR, GPS, Black Diamond, ERA, etc. These agents are tested and proven by our Group over the years to be professional in their work.

LLRE Group core business is Property (Singapore Property, Singapore CondoSingapore Properties, Singapore Property, Singapore Real Estate) and Internet Advertising for our Business partners and members.















 Singapore Property Buyers/ Investors, Stop making the same costly mistake again and again! More than 30,000 Singapore Property agents in Singapore Real Estate market, everyone claim that they are the Best, But who exactly is the best? Join our LLRE Real Estate Millionaire Group, learn from the Singapore Property owners / investors who invest with great wisdom, you will be able to make your own judgement by making well-informed decision!

We are not associated with any property agents, and sorry, Singapore Property agents are not allowed to join our group as we want to be netural in our recommendation to our members.

Are you looking to invest in Singapore Real Estate, or are you trying to sell, rent, invest, purchase a Singapore property? Well then, you have come to the right place in your search for Singapore Property. Here, LLRE will help you find your dream Singapore property from our market listing of thousands of Singapore properties in our The Number 1 Singapore Property Investors Group database.

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