Are Pseudonyms Necessary?

While most people really like using Internet Marketing because it gives them so many diverse possibilities, it is also still important to acknowledge that there are lots of people who don’t work in this industry and view it with very critical eyes. There are still plenty of misconceptions floating around with regards to Internet Marketing and, frankly, the internet in general. While the people who work in the market know how reliable and fulfilling it can be at the same time, it poses a problem: do you want to be judged for it in your regular life?

Many people who work in the industry of Internet Marketing do so under a pseudonym. They utilize fake names because they would like to keep their Internet Marketing work apart from the rest that they do, particularly when they only do the work part time. Many newer as well as part time Internet Marketers are worried about being identified by their employers and family or friends. Of course, even though you do not worry about this sort of thing, it will be an important question: do you need to use a pseudonym for your online work? 

There are a large amount of positive aspects to using a pseudonym. The biggest benefit, not surprisingly, is being able to make an identity separate from your personal life and making it easier to keep the two from running into them. If you perform in a especially stringent or judgemental arena offline it is probably very important that you keep all of your internet activities away from their eyes and using a pseudonym will help you protect yourself from that.

If you would like to work in a few different niches, using a pseudonym will help you be able to do that. This way it will be possible to construct expert level reputations for yourself in a variety of fields without having to worry that people think you are only a dabbler. You do not have to be worried about a person saying “but what about the conflicting market that you are also selling in?” because you’ll be doing that selling under a different name?

Sadly, nevertheless, often people decide on pseudonyms because they do not want to pay taxes on the money that they earn in their businesses. If none of the business is conducted under their legal identify, then they believe that they shouldnt have to worry about the money they make being reported to the IRS. It is very important that you do not fall for this sort of faulty logic. Even if you earn money under a name that is not your own it is still viewed as income and you will be held responsible for it.  Beyond that, the IRS will sooner or later find out about it–everyone who attempts to cheat the system fails.

Whether or not you select to utilize a pseudonym is absolutely up to you.  For a lot of people it is incredibly easier to use a single name for their “real” lives and something different for their “online” lives. For other folks keeping almost everything under the same identify is actually easier because it means they have fewer things to remember.

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