A Third Party Report On The Versativa Business

You will no doubt be intrigued by the Versativa opportunity, one of the most interesting things about it is that it’s an MLM company selling hemp based products. You can also rest assured that with Versativa you are very unlikely to have the hurdles often found with MLM companies that have just started their operations. Versativa is a new project of ForeverGreen, who you are probably already aware, is a multimillion dollar company that’s publicly traded and have seen years of success.

You can also take comfort in the product. Hemp is such a useful plant and of course occurs naturally, many people have benefited from its many characteristics, it can be used as a construction material, a diet supplement, a medicine, water purification, fuel, just to mention a few. It’s plain to see that it’s a wonderful product and makes perfect sense for a network marketing opportunity, if you can capture its benefits in an easily consumable product for humans.

Well that’s exactly what Versativa have done, their range of products is tempting and will appeal to your customer base. Their flagship product is the Pulse range which are a total of twenty six raw foods based on hemp designed to offer superior nutritional value, many customers will tell you that its great tasting too. It’s made fresh daily and is also available in rather novel ‘Business Bars’ so you can carry some around with you in case you get an interested prospect.

They also produce the only currently known hemp concentrate, it’s called Hemphoria and comes in a bottle of concentrated liquid. It works on the theory that your body does not know how ‘old’ it is in terms of years, but rather operates on a biological clock that directly is affected by the nutrients that you provide it. Therefore by using Hemphoria you can expect to feel healthier and possibly younger because you are giving your body essential nutrients that may be lacking in your normal diet. It’s also said to have a positive effect on mental health and function as well, they have also developed a rather cool bottle for it using Swiss technology. It preserves the ingredients with its photosynthetic interaction with light.

There’s a higher chance of actually making some money with Versativa as well because the comp plan is designed to reward the middle levels and not just the top levels. A good thing as often many people don’t make the big ranks in network marketing. Two strong legs is enough to get you to the higher earnings levels, and it’s not a binary. Great news for a lot of people. As with any network marketing deal, success won’t arrive automatically, but if you are willing to be coachable and master the art of recruiting then you can do well. You must also be able to train your downline effectively so that success and residual profits can be duplicated, failing that you need to have an upline with a decent training system in place.

All the evidence points to the fact that this definitely a business worth signing up for if you like the product. Because of the way the compensation plan is designed and the fact that the company has such a strong backing, you can promote it with complete confidence. Versativa are an environmentally friendly company which is always a bonus.

But like I said before, success takes work AND skills, you must be able to generate new leads daily and be making presentations in such a way that is leveraged and COMPELLS people to take action. If you don’t get this right, you will just remain at the bottom of the comp plan.

Becoming profitable with Versativa will directly depend on your capability to duplicate success. You will get zero cost training regarding how to create unlimited prospects and cash flow at Who Is James Hicks.

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