3 Things You Need In Order to Master Affiliate Marketing

3 Things You Need In Order to Master Affiliate Marketing


by Travis Stephenson

There are people who would argue with me… but I feel as though you really only need 3 Things to be an effective Internet Marketing Superstar. Best part is, all 3 of these things aren’t too expensive and are REALLY simple to use.

Sounds awesome right? Let’s check it out!

Email List – Now I know what you’re thinking. “Well sure, if I could I would have an email list but it just isn’t that easy”. Well that would have been true in 2003…but right now it’s incredibly easy to build a list because it’s ALL about giving away something that is worth a subscription… or worth a lot more. When you make the decision to give something away for nothing, often times, people will tell their friend or list your page in a blog and you’ll get Organic social media traffic… which is free and effective!

A Blog/ Website – These are a dime a dozen today. BUT… if you choose the right domain they can make you a ton of money. I just recently released a program instructing people HOW to pick the right domains and several people instantly flipped their purchase for 10x their investment… rinse and repeat! But if you choose to have a site, make sure you add a personal touch!

Article Traffic – So you say I’m nuts… I know! About 3 months ago I didn’t believe in articles anymore than the next previously scammed wanna-be who would just about sell his soul for website traffic. After doing some serious research I found out some secrets that had otherwise not been revealed to me… and once I put them into action I actually sent well over 10,000 visitors to my website in less than a month.

From nothing to 10,000… yeah it was awesome! What does this all mean? Well I found out that with a REALLY good set of articles, the right methods, and a website to send your traffic you can build a MEAN list!

The reason I limited this list to 3 things is because Internet Marketing can be summed up in those three objectives. Once you build a list you can achieve anything. You can always drive traffic on demand and I don’t care what ANYONE says… there is no “software” out there that will consistently drive traffic to any website on demand. I know this because I’ve tried buying it from ANYONE under the sun and it doesn’t exist.

So, in short… Try Article Marketing! It really does work!


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